Cadillac (Aluminum)

Cadillac (Aluminum)
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The Traditional Cadillac comes with all of the necessary items and is crafted in our Anderson, SC facility to exacting standards. Smooth, refined and dependable, this Cadillac is the pinnacle of build quality and design.

Download Available SoftSide Color Chart



86"L X 26"W X 84" H


Schedule 40 Aluminum Tubing


Top rails cold rolled steel


Speed Rail Fittings


Traditional Roll Back Bar


5/4" Hardwood Push Thru Bar


All springs and Hardware


2 Loop Foot Straps


2 Handles


2 Lamb Fleece Fuzzies


Foot Straps on Mat


Heavy Duty Safety Chain and Clips


Softside Collection Upholstery with 150 colors available (Additional charge for Spirit Millennium)


Download Available SoftSide Color Chart


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