Wunda Chair

Wunda Chair
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Price $1,600.00
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A studio standard, our Wunda Chair with Softside CollectionTM Upholstery has 150 colors available and is our best selling of all of our larger apparatus for a reason: It's built to the highest standards for years of studio abuse. Our Wunda Chair comes in domestic hardwood walnut and cherry mahogany. For exotic woods like Bubinga, Zebra, or Osage, please contact us directly at (864) 226-5439. Also, please note that exotic woods usually add $100 to the price.

Measuring the same pure classical Pilates standards of 31"L X 21"W X 23"H and at a cost Joseph Pilates would approve of, our model remains the favorite choice for professionals world-wide. Please compare our Wunda Chairs against any similar models sold by anyone any you will understand why we are the company that people are talking about.

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